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Wings  |  7 for $5.25  |  14 for $7.50  |  30 for $15.00

Medium, Hot, Cajun, or Bar-B-Que. Served with Bleu cheese and celery

Buffalo Bites  | 

"007" Chicken  | 

Hand breaded spicy chicken tenders served with a special sauce for dipping


"Double O Joe" Chicken  |  $6.25
Chicken tenders sauteed in a spicy BBQ wing sauce. Served with a side of Bleu cheese

Homestyle Chicken Finger
  |  $5.95

Deep fried "crunchy" chicken tenders served with a special dip

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Fries  |  $6.95

Fries topped with popcorn chicken, melted cheddar cheese and spicy wing sauce

Steak on a Stick  |  $7.25

Grilled tender chunks of marinated sirloin. Served with a special sauce

Shrimp! Shrimp! Shrimp! 

Shrimp on a Stick  |  $7.25

Shrimp on a skewer in a sweetened teriyaki or tangy BBQ sauce

Buffalo Style  | 

Sauteed in spicy wing sauce regular or Cajun style

Popcorn Shrimp  |  $6.25

Lightly breaded and deep fried

Shrimp Scampi  |  $7.25
Fresh shrimp sauteed in garlic wine sauce

Steamed Clams  |  $7.25
Baker's dozen of steamed clams with melted butter