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• All sandwiches served with fries, mashed potatoes or carrot & celery sticks.

• If you prefer no side of potato or veggies deduct $.50


Burger  |  $8.99

Your choice of cheese: American  |  Swiss  |  Cheddar  |  Mozzarella  |  Pepper Jack


Veggie Burger | $8.99

Your choice of cheese: American  |  Swiss  |  Cheddar  |  Mozzarella  |  Pepper Jack


Grilled Chicken | $8.99

Your choice of cheese: American  |  Swiss  |  Cheddar  |  Mozzarella  |  Pepper Jack


Turkey Burger | $8.99

Your choice of cheese: American  |  Swiss  |  Cheddar  |  Mozzarella  |  Pepper Jack

All sandwiches above (your choice): Bacon, Mushrooms, Onions (raw, sauteed or fried), Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo

Our Signature Burgers

You Versus Food  |  $10.99
Double grilled cheese with double the burger, double the pepperjack cheese, spicy Texas toothpicks and a generous helping of Chipotle BBQ sauce "WOW" (Single $7.95)

Picnic Burger  |  $9.99
Char-grilled burger and hot dog with melted chedder cheese and bacon on a grilled hard roll

Black and Bleu Burger | $8.99

Encrusted in black pepper and topped with melted crumbled blue cheese.

Chipotle Burger | $8.99

Grilled your way with thick onion ring filled with chipotle BBQ sauce  then topped with melted pepperjack cheese.

Topped with a grilled pineapple ring filled with a kick "___" Caribbean sauce and topped with pepperjack cheese.

Salmon Burger | $9.25
Char-grilled on a multi-grain foccacia roll with field greens and topped with a dill mayo.

Hot Dogs  |  Grilled - $5.99  |  Chili or Cheese - $6.99

An All American favorite!


Quesadilla Sandwich  | $8.99

Large Flour Tortilla Grilled & Folded with your choice of:

  • Turkey, Bacon, Thousand Island dressing, and melted cheese
  • Taco Seasoned beef, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, served with salsa & sour cream
  • Chicken with spinach, artichokes, and cheese
  • Grilled chicken, zesty wing sauce & melted cheese
  • Grilled chicken, bacon, melted cheese & a tangy chipotle bbq sauce

Cheese Steak or Chicken Cheese Steak  |  Half - $7.95  |  Whole - $9.95

Thin sliced rib eye with melted mozzarella cheese and choice of sauce, mushrooms & onions.
Grilled marinated chicken with melted american cheese and choice of sauce, mushrooms & onions.

Cheese Steak or Chicken Cheese Steak Hoagie  |  Half - $7.95  |  Whole - $9.95

Same great sandwich as above but topped with lettuce, tomato, & mayonnaise.

(additional items after first 3 are $.50 per topping)

Soft Pretzel  |

Philly style Soft Pretzel served hot with thin sliced turkey or ham, swiss cheese & honey mustard

Grilled Ahi Tuna | $9.25
Grilled Ahi Tuna with field greens and wasabi mayo on a focaccia roll.

Salmon Pocket | $9.25
Pan seared sesame encrusted salmon with fresh spinach, a touch of teriyaki,
and melted cheese grilled in a flour tortilla pocket.

Fish Taco  |  $8.99
Fresh grilled talapia on a flour tortilla with lettuce, tomatoes, scallions and cheese. Served with southwest ranch dressing.

Pulled Pork Pocket | $9.25
BBQ pulled pork and melted cheese folded in a flour tortilla and grilled crisp.


Gyro | $9.25
Seasoned lamb, lettuce, tomato, raw onion and tzatiki sauce folded and grilled in a flour tortilla.

Ultimate Roast Beef | $9.25
Lean roast beef grilled then topped with our famous "onion soup" onions and melted swiss cheese served on a multi-grain foccacia roll.


Join the Club  | $8.75

A triple decker delight - Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, BLT


Hot Gravy Sandwich Platters  |  Turkey or Roast Beef |  $8.99

Piled high on a grilled soft roll and smothered in "Hop's" special gravy. We'll even smother your fries if you request.

Open Face Meatloaf | $9.25
A platter of our famous cajun meatloaf served closed sandwich style with rich brown gravy & mashed potatoes.

Chicken Pesto Ciabatta | $8.99
Marinated grilled chicken on fresh field greens with roasted red peppers and pesto mayo on a grilled ciabatta roll.


Teriyaki Chicken  | $8.99

Grilled Chicken Breast marinated in a sweetened teriyaki glaze and topped with a marinated grilled red onion.


Chicken Wing Sandwich  | $8.99

Grilled Chicken Breast topped with cheddar cheese and spicy buffalo sauce. Regular or Cajun style.


Chicken Parmesan Sandwich  | $8.99

Grilled or Breaded Chicken Breast topped with melted mozzarella cheese and chunky tomato sauce.


Maryland Style Crabcake  | $8.75

Lightly deep fried and served on a soft roll with lettuce, tomato and a side of tartar sauce.


Salad Sandwiches  | $8.75

Chicken or Tuna served as a sandwich on your choice of bread
or on a bed of lettuce with Pita Crisp. Served with carrot sticks and celery, not french fries.


Fried Fish Sandwich  | $8.75

Lightly fried fish served on a soft roll with lettuce, tomato and a side of tartar sauce.


Reuben  | $8.99

Corn Beef, saurkraut, and melted swiss cheese piled high with thousand island dressing on grilled rye.


French Dip  | $8.75

Lean roast beef served warm on a hard roll with steaming onion soup for dipping.

Try this classic with turkey for a new twist.


Grilled Cheese  | $6.95

An All-American favorite.